therefore Go and make disciples of all nations

baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Matthew 28:19

"Lost people matter to God" is one of the core values of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). It is an expression of the Father’s heart, His desire is to reconcile lost people to Himself.
This is being accomplished through the Great Commission that Jesus gave us to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. So we proclaim the Good News, from our neighborhoods to the ends of the world. 
Meeting the call of our Savior to go out and make disciples, LCC has sent missionary teams around the globe. Since 2007, we have sent teams to: Mongolia, Cambodia, Mexico, Japan, and Sacramento CA to help Muslim refugees. We have also sponsored others in our Leeward Ohana who have gone on other missions projects with other organizations.
There are several ways to support our mission, either by going on a mission trip or by supporting the mission field through your prayers and finances. We typically send a couple of mission teams from our church each year. But if you can't go with the team, you can also participate financially by your giving to the mission funds, such as the Alliance Great Commission Fund.

The Alliance Great  Commission  Fund  (GCF)

What is the Great Commission Fund?

The GCF is a mission funding system that underwrites the ministries of over 700 international workers and US church planters. It empowers these workers to focus on their callings with your support. LCC collects and sends their donations  to the GCF each year to further Jesus' Great Commission. 

How are the funds used?

GCF funds are used to fulfill God’s plans by providing all people groups in every segment of society, the opportunity to encounter His beloved Son, Jesus. This is done through a variety of methods, from addressing physical needs by providing critical medical care, food and shelter, training to improve communities, serving at-risk women and children, planting churches, equipping leaders, overseeing community development projects, and many more loving and caring acts with a Christ centered approach, sharing to gospel whenever the opportunity arises.
How can I support our Alliance workers?
You may join us in supporting our global missionaries both financially and through prayer. You can give a designated gift to our missionaries online or learn more about world missions below.

Join a mission trip

Serve the Kingdom to one of our upcoming mission trips!

We typically send mission teams from our church body to the mainland and to international mission locations. For more information on upcoming mission trips, please contact our Missions Director or click on the button below.

Meet the missions committee:

L-R: Kristie F, Andrew A, Vera A, Kathy U, Liz S, Mel T, Sean H

Ask any of us about Leeward Missions and Mission Trips!