Easter Sunday 
April 9th - 8:00AM & 10:45 

All invited to receive hope from hearing real testimonies from real people, revealing a real God. Be encouraged to see how God saves, heals, forgives and sets us free.

Easter Sunday

After the service we invite you and your guests to join us for a meal downstairs in our fellowship tent. We look forward to getting to know you better there!

Easter Escape Room & 
Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Your students are on a mission! They are returning to a bustling Jerusalem on the weekend of the Passover. Like most of God’s unfolding story, the story of Easter from the Bible contained several mysteries to almost everyone at the time! Students will be taken back to solve the mysteries of what happened by decoding the facts—so they can SEE THE LIGHT of a glorious resurrection! Students will learn all the surrounding details, such as what led up to this miracle of miracles. If Jesus was not a criminal, why was He arrested and killed? What were some of His last words—to His disciples and to us as well? After service, stick around for lunch and then kids can participate in our Dinosaur Egg Hunt at 1:00PM. Sign your kids up today!

Easter Helps

We need lots of help this year, ranging from site and food prep on Saturday to greeting and ushering on Easter. Click below to see the full list of areas where you can serve.

Stories of Hope
Sundays Mar. 26 - Apr. 16

Sun. Mar. 26

Working Through Anger, Anxiety, And Pride

“Two things I learned from my parents. First, you don’t share anything about your life or what you’re feeling and secondly, there are family secrets you never talk about. . . . in the matter of a moment, through my choices and decisions, I destroyed my career and put my relationship with Janice and our daughter in jeopardy.  I had to admit “I was the man”. It was then the healing of my heart started.”
John O., Chief of Operations

Sun. Apr. 2

Resentment and Surrendering to Forgiveness

“HELLO shame, HELLO hurt, HELLO betrayal.   Being physically, emotionally and verbally abused... with trusting no one, I filled my life with busyness and Jose Cuervo-Tequila.   Then I made a conscious decision to turn my life and care over to God. My life changed forever.  HELLO peace, HELLO freedom, HELLO joy.”
Wehilani M., Admin. Asst. and CR Leader

Easter Sun. 
Apr. 9

Walking in Healing from Abuse, Drugs, and Desperation

“We were scared and exposed to drugs, alcohol, violence, physical and mental abuse.  Even sexual abuse before we were in our teens.  I became the monster I had grown to resent.  Desperate and scared I cried out to God and tested him and said, “God if you’re real show me what to do. Show me how to be good, because I tried, and I failed.  I lost everything and I want a better life.”
Coen D., Contractor

  Sun. Apr. 16

Dealing With Lust, Anxiety, And Identity Issues

"To quote Christian author John Lynch, “I’ve always felt that God was mildly disgusted with me.” My false identity was crippling me, and anxiety and lust were sapping my strength. I knew something needed to change but felt powerless. I realized two things: I don't know how to run my own life, and I need God's help to get better. That was the beginning of my recovery."
Andrew B., Army Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Children are welcome to sit in the Multipurpose Hall or Ohana Hall with their families, they just need to be registered for a ticket.

We kindly ask that you participate in the meal following the service you attend. Both breakfast and lunch will have the same menu.

No. We do encourage that you invite friends, family, and neighbors to our Easter service, but it is not necessary for attendance.

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