Easter Sunday 
March 31st - 8:00AM & 10:45 

All invited to receive hope through hearing real testimonies from real people, revealing a real God. Be encouraged and see how God saves, heals, forgives and sets us free.

Easter Sunday

After the service, we invite you and your guests to join us for a meal downstairs in our fellowship tent. We look forward to getting to know you better there!

Scrumdidilyumptious Easter Program & Egg Hunt

Come join us at 10:45 to explore the story of the resurrection through songs, stories, games, and other fun activities. After service, stick around for lunch with your family, then head back upstairs for our Scrumdidilyumptious Easter Egg Hunt! Meet Willy Wonka and some Ooompa-Loompas, find a golden ticket to win a giant Easter egg! Sign up below if you are brand new to Leeward Community Church.

Easter Helps

We need lots of help this year, ranging from site and food prep on Saturday to greeting and ushering on Easter. Click below to see the full list of areas where you can serve.

Stories of Hope
Sundays Mar. 24 - Apr. 14

Sun. Mar. 24

Experiencing Victory in Drug Addiction and Motherhood

"Growing up in a domestically violent home, I used drugs to forget the junk going on. I dropped out of 10th grade and was in and out of many treatment centers. I got into so many bad things, making money, and destroying other people's lives."
-  Deverlyn K.

Easter Sunday
Sun. Mar. 7

Victory over Alcohol and Grief

“Four months after I walked intomy first AA meeting, I walked out with four months of sobriety. For the next 10 years, not only did I resume my old habits... I exceeded them. I didn't care about anything."
- Doug A.

Sun. Apr. 7

Found Victory in Prison and Freed from Alcoholism and Anger

“I was a selfish person and only cared about myself and my habits. I love my family, but I brought my habits with me and to my family wherever we went.”
- Butch K.

  Sun. Apr. 14

Victory over Depression and Substance Abuse

"I led a life being withdrawn and with growing fears. I was always uncomfortable, awkward, and frustrated, screaming without a voice. This led me to substance abuse and had not been freed for 27 years before I came to a dead end."
- Rich R.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our children's program begins at 10:45am. Please register your children for the program and for a meal ticket.

No, please join us for food and fellowship following the service you sign up for.

No! Everyone is welcome to sign up and come as they are. However, we encourage you to invite friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers! Easter is still one of the best times to reach out to those searching.

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