Fresh Start with God

This class is designed to help you know God and provide you with the 10 basics to being walking with God in a satisfying personal relationship with Him. All welcomed.

Early Church Leaders

Discover God's purpose for us in our good, bad and ugly sides. Every person in the Bible is a supporting actor in God's story—each revealing who God is and what His will is for human beings both then and now. In these characters, we see a glimpse of ourselves, coming to understand our failings, our potential, and God's purpose through it all.

Taught by Brent Savage. Brent received an MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary concentrating in apologetics and was ordained in 2016. His ministry experience began as a youth/assistant pastor for 3 years, but he spent the last 15 years serving as a lay leader in youth ministry in various churches. Most recently he was Journey director for 3 years before becoming Christian Education Director at Leeward Community Church.